The Uranus Opposition (~40 years)

Note: These interpretations are taken from, and This is just a compilation for the benefit of those in their 40s experiencing some of these influences.

  • Uranus opposition Uranus: Last chance?

This influence at the age of forty or forty-one marks a period of major transition in your life. This is the crisis of middle age when you have to come to terms with a number of realizations that may not all be pleasant. For example, even though you are not very old, you are no longer young. Have you accomplished or begun to accomplish what you wanted when you were younger? If you have, was it an appropriate accomplishment for you? Are you happy with your close relationships, your marriage, your work?
Many people encountering this influence discover that the answer to several of these questions is no. If this is your situation, you may become seized with a feeling of urgency that you have only a short time to correct the problem. Consequently you may begin to act rather disruptively and quickly. You may leave a marriage or an old job and take up a lifestyle quite different from your earlier one.

Your friends are likely to be rather shocked at the change. You may spend more time with younger people, for their youth is a symbol of the opportunities you feel you have almost wasted. This seems to be your last chance to take advantage of those opportunities.
It is also quite possible that you make none of these drastic changes. If you have taken advantage of opportunities right along and have not allowed your life to become prematurely old and rigid, this time will not be so upsetting or disturbing. You will experience the real meaning of this influence – a climax of the direction your life has taken since childhood and a shifting of direction toward the issues you must confront in old age.
If you have been successful in your dealings with the outside world, you will continue to be, but now it will have to mean something in terms of your own life and perception. You will not be able to live for some external purpose, the purpose must come from within. If you don’t reorient yourself, your life will become hollow and meaningless, regardless of what you accomplish from here on.

  • Uranus oppose Uranus

This transit only happens once in life (around the age of 42) and is commonly known as a “mid-life crisis.” At this time you will examine what you have achieved in your life, realizing that you have lived half of your normal life expectancy. You may feel that you have not accomplished as much as you wanted to by this age and may take drastic action to break out of your present life situations and strike out in a new direction.
This is a common time for men (or women) to leave their mates and begin a relationship that is very exciting and stimulating (often with a younger partner). Or you may suddenly switch careers, deciding to go into a rather unconventional field. Those who are close to you may be shocked at these sudden changes, especially since you are not so likely to take the feelings of others into consideration but rather act impulsively to break free of what you perceive to be limiting situations.
If your life has not become rigid or stuck in an all-too-familiar rut, you may respond to this transit more positively. In this case, the changes you make will not be so radical and will be well thought out. You will realize that today is truly the first day of the rest of your life and will feel pressed to prepare for your future. This is a time of great self-discovery, although it will not always happen the easy way.
Now is the time to look within and to experience the consequences of the decisions you made in the first half of your life. The next step is to recreate your future in order that it more accurately reflects the new you. Just remember not to “throw the baby out with the bath water” as you make needed changes in your life. There are some parts of your life that are worthwhile and should be preserved. Be sure you are not initiating radical change just for the sake of change.
During this time you will become more aware of your role in the larger plan of the Universe and will seek a deeper meaning behind everything that happens to you. You realize now that all outside achievements are superficial compared to the inner ones you must attain. Make good use of this time to establish a broader philosophy toward life.

  • Uranus opposite Uranus Transit

This is one of the most important times in your life. It is the astrological equivalent of the mid-life crisis, and occurs around the age of 40-42. It is a time when you start to feel restless and question your life. If you are the sort of person who has always been in charge of your own destiny, then you are likely to handle this transit with aplomb, making the necessary changes to enliven your life. You might reflect on your past achievements with a feeling of satisfaction, before moving on to different or fresher pastures.
However, if you have lived your life trying to please other people rather than follow your own instincts, then it is likely that you will experience this transit as quite disturbing. You want to break out from restrictions and may act in ways that are quite out of character. You are likely to startle other people, and may even surprise yourself.
Basically this is a time of readjustment when you start to incorporate more spiritual values and when you orient your life towards your own inner feelings. The transition can be quite bumpy, as in some cases crises can occur as a result of the tension of this period. However, if you refuse to make the necessary changes in your life you may find that life becomes rather meaningless. On the other hand you must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater as you seek new avenues for yourself. A balanced approach is required incorporating positive changes in your life in a considerate manner. This way you will benefit from the changes and feel liberated.

  • Uranus Opposition Natal Uranus

Once in a lifetime generational transit. Changes ~ directions in life (for your age group) are tossed up in the air creating opportunity for change and for you to live your life according to your truer desires. Definite desire for freedom and to find your purpose in life. Changes may involve a shattering of concepts and goals once pursued and/or held dear. Emotionally ~ unreliable emotional state or feeling not as strong as you thought. Personality ~ you struggle to find individuality. Strong inner urges to do something different. Socially ~ a time when your age group may be out of fashion and others find your ideas, style and taste unexciting, boring, gaudy etc. Questioning of your accomplishments. Mid-life crisis. Suddenly your age, fears and/or anxieties about life may take root. A desire to be with younger people. Remember ~ using original, unexpected and unique methods and expressions promises to bring personal satisfaction and accomplishments. Money ~ possible to have material/financial rewards.