The Saturn Opposition (~44 years)

Note: These interpretations are taken from, and and This is just a compilation for the benefit of those in their 40s experiencing some of these influences.

  • Saturn opposite Saturn Transit

This is one of those times when you reap the harvest of past actions. If you have planted good crops in the past then the yield will be rewarding. However, if you have planted on rocky ground, then the crops may fail. Either way you find yourself having to put in the hard work to bring in the crop. If you are reaping rewards, there are extra responsibilities. If you are experiencing difficulties from past actions, you have to work hard to put things to right. You may sometimes feel that others are blocking your path. You would be wise to shoulder the responsibilities knowing that this is paving the way for a more stable future.

  • Saturn Opposition Natal Saturn

This important Opposition usually occurs twice in life. First between the ages of 13 -17 and again between 40-44. For your second Opposition (ages 40-44) ~ the results of this aspect depends on the choices you’ve made in the past and what are the issues on the table at this time in your life. Overview ~ Obstacles and difficulties indicate areas that need change, these areas most likely will break allowing for new growth. Regret over and the repayment of past wrong deeds. Changes in life are made and are based on a need for security either for personal or material reasons. Political understandings become clear. Business ~ increased responsibilities in partnerships and professional relationships. Changes in business can be made productively as long as contracts are clear and risk taking is avoided. Note ~ if an afflicted Uranus is involved with this Opposition, either Natally or by Transit ~ be careful or avoid making changes in business.

  • Saturn opposition Saturn: A material peak

If you did not clear away the structures and patterns in your life that were working badly some seven years ago, this influence will be quite difficult. The old failures that you have not handled properly in the last several years will make your life exceedingly difficult now. However, everything that you have handled well will reach a culmination and prove more fruitful than ever before.
In your work you may reach a peak of success, which will be accompanied by increased responsibility. In that case you will work extremely hard but very successfully. On the other hand, you may receive abundant evidence that you are working in the wrong area altogether. This would be manifested by extreme difficulties in your work situation, such as finding your efforts blocked by co-workers or superiors. If your superiors disapprove of your performance, you should completely re-evaluate your work. Even if you are doing good work, this may be a signal that the job is inadequate from your point of view. This should not be an occasion for self-doubt and despair. Rest assured that you are supposed to be doing something else.
In a similar way, relationships that were not straightened out several years ago will also prove very difficult at this time and may very well break up completely.
If your affairs are working out positively, this influence represents a material peak in your life. By this time you have made the impact upon others that you were supposed to make. It is as if you have said to the world, “Here is what I am.” Now, during the next fourteen years, the world will reply, “And here are the consequences of what you are.”

  • The Saturn Opposition at midlife

is a time to re-examine the concerns of the house(s) through which Saturn is transiting, where it resides natally and what house it rules. Saturn is The Teacher and the best way to be successful with this transit is to be a willing pupil. The first Saturn opposite Saturn aspect occurred at about age 14/15, the Saturn Return at approximately age 28/30 and now a second Saturn opposite Saturn aspect is occurring at midlife. As Saturn oppositions begin we re-evaluate and make changes. At age 44/45 it is time to re-evaluate the past 14 years or so since your Saturn Return. What have you accomplished since age 28 that is true and authentic and can be built upon as you advance through your 40s and into your 50s?

Ages 44-59 can be the most productive and creative of your life. Saturn builds structure and is all about reality. The coming 14 year period can be very productive if you have cleared away the rubbish which has accumulated – literally and figuratively. Are there possessions and people who no longer serve you well? Have things come to the end of their usefulness or has a relationship gone as far as it will go? What is blocking you and posing as an obstacle? Ask yourself which situations in your life are limiting you, frustrating you, and blocking your efforts? What is it that you cannot accomplish with things as they are? This is where you need to build a new, more solid structure. Remember that midlife is about YOU. It may mean you must leave a dead marriage (divorces are common at this time), end a high-stress job and take up a profession that pays less but has more satisfaction, or you may choose to get married for the first time and have a child. Many women have delayed marriage or their life path is one where marriage was not to occur until their 40s. Now they are ready for a new phase of life that will include finding an egalitarian love relationship and raising children as confident, educated, responsible mothers.

The Saturn Opposition and all the transits of midlife are a time of chaos. Chaos is crisis and opportunity. Beyond the crisis, they are an opportunity to cleanse our souls, and strengthen our minds and bodies. If we are willing pupils through the entire process, especially the Saturn opposite Saturn aspect, we will emerge from these approximately seven years as wonderfully transformed persons.