The Neptune Square (~40 years)

Neptune square Neptune
This transit occurs only once in your life (in your early 40s) and is part of what is known as the mid-life crisis. You’ll use this time to review your life, question whether you have or will ever fulfill your goals, and make changes if needed. Be careful not to make changes on a whim, however, because your judgment is not at its best under Neptune’s influence. If you act too rashly, you could endanger your home, family life or career. Remember that your emotions are more unstable than usual now.
Remember that you do not know everything there is to know about yourself, even at your “old” age. It’s time to see some truths in your life that you have been avoiding by reassessing your goals in life. You may decide that you’ve been pursuing ideals that you no longer value. Allow yourself to be guided through this transit, just don’t make any hard-and-fast commitments that cannot be broken later. You will emerge from this transit with new insights that will greatly change your outlook on life.
You are very interested in psychic, mystical and metaphysical subjects, yet your quest into these otherworldly areas will be disappointing, or even unpleasant. Avoid mind-altering substances such as drugs and alcohol, as you are more prone than usual to addiction.
This is a good time to practice yoga and meditation. If you should feel the need to seek the counsel of another at this time, it is best to consult persons who are not in your immediate age group. Your peers are also going through this same transit and will not be able to provide objective guidance at this time.