Jupiter Returns (~48 years)

Your Luckiest Year? The Jupiter Return

by Molly Hall

Every 12 years, Jupiter comes back to meet your natal Jupiter. “Many Happy Returns!” we wish others, and Jupiter’s return is usually a lucky year. The abundance flows and you seem to be in the right place, at the right time….often.

It’s also a wake-up call, if your heart is not in what you’re doing. If you’re uninspired during Jupiter’s return, it’s possibly time to make big changes.

Find your sign on the Jupiter table or on your birth chart.

Your Jupiter sign is a guide to following your bliss, and claiming the treasure that comes with growth, risk and expansion. The element and modality of your Jupiter sign has clues to your true passions.

Jupiter is a kind of north star in the birth chart, along with other factors like the North Node. Since Jupiter is the planet of the future and aspirations, your Jupiter return is a time to make plans.


The first Jupiter Return, around age 12, is when your natural interests emerge with more enthusiasm. An alert parent can act on these inclinations, with instruction, summer camp, learning excursions, or family road trips.

Then at each 12-year interval, Jupiter returns to remind you of what grabs you most. It’s a year when money flows, especially when you’re aligned with your soul’s calling. People show up, and help you, like human angels.

Being clear with your intent and putting the word out, yields big results.

It’s a good idea to meet influential people in your field, and put yourself “out there,” so the connections can be made.

Jupiter’s expansiveness happens when you direct it toward what you want most. Jupiter’s return brings you back to a sense of meaning, and being supported by the universe in a mysterious way.

When you align with what you’re meant to be doing, magic happens. And under the influence of Jupiter, this is a powerful force for growth and drawing wealth.


There’s a chance Jupiter will retrograde during your return year. It can seem that the traction isn’t there to move forward. But there is a concentration or charge to do with dreams and making them real.

So it can be a time of looking back and spotting what you’re drawn to again and again. The timeless fascinations are a big clue to your passions. These may need to be excavated, and be brought in to the light of day.

Since Jupiter is to do with faith, it’s a time to get back on track, if you’ve gone off the rails. Watch out for allies that cross your path, and remind you of what inspires you most.

When Jupiter starts to station direct, you’ll get moving again.


Attend workshops, and join associations in your field.
Travel or re-locate.
Totally immerse yourself in your driving passion (magazines, new friendships, courses).
Be visible — move in the circles of people you admire.
Invest time and resources into making your dream happen.
Gain skills that prepare you for an opportunity.
Spend time with those that cheer you on.
See yourself as ‘lucky’ and expect good things to happen.
Make a Jupiter Return Vision Board.
Spread some good gossip about yourself.

Transits – The Jupiter Return

Jupiter returns to its natal position around every 12 years so you have a Jupiter return roughly at age 12, 24, 36, 48 and so on. It can be useful to look back to previous returns to see what occurred during those years.  Generally it indicates the conclusion of certain dreams and visions of one cycle and the opening of new ones with the new cycle.

When Jupiter returns to its natal position, it accentuates all the natal aspects to Jupiter. It’s important then to have a good understanding of how Jupiter works in your natal chart first to then get an idea of how the return will work for you. Don’t forget to check the house that Jupiter rules in the chart to see where the results of these changes may take place.

As an example, my natal Jupiter is in the 1st house perfectly trine to Mercury and perfectly square to Neptune. Jupiter rules my 5th house of self expression and creativity. Now, this placement can be wonderful for creative work and I have a rich imagination courtesy of the square. But it also means that I can drift, go off into cloud cuckoo land and dream of doing rather than actually doing! So my Jupiter return will be perfect for writing and creative work BUT I cannot expect that it’ll just happen without me putting some effort into it. Neptune squares aside, this is one of the keys to Jupiter. You have to step up and take advantage of what’s on offer. Sometimes, like Jupiter, people expect too much of the Jupiter return and as a result can feel like it’s a big let down.

I think of the Jupiter returns as being like the rings of a tree that mark growth spurts. There can be opportunities which will expand upon your knowledge and sometimes lucky encounters. Jupiter is very much lord of the ‘right place, right time’ syndrome. Sometimes you might meet people who are influential along your path. Jupiter may show up as an advisory figure – a lawyer or doctor you can trust, a new teacher, a mentor. The Jupiter Return period may be marked by a feeling of being luckier, happier, more optimistic, more positive. Perhaps you start feeling that the world’s your oyster.

Bear in mind that whilst this all sounds rather lovely, sometimes the Jupiter return can be over-shadowed by heavier transits – particularly Saturn. In these cases, Jupiter often provides a sense of light relief or sometimes a feeling of being protected despite being under the barrage of heavier stuff. Jupiter is generally where you look to when experiencing tough transits anyway and it’s extra important during a Jupiter Return. Here is when you can take advantage of the best of what’s happening, even if you can’t avoid the worst.

Here are some suggestions of what to do to make the best of your Jupiter return period :-

  • Take a course, study, increase your knowledge
  • Travel – it broadens the mind
  • Look for openings in your life
  • Let people see you – especially those of you with Jupiter in Leo. Take centre stage.
  • Promote yourself, your product, your business, your talent – the Jupiter return is great for the writers amongst you.
  • Evaluate your philosophy on life. Read books by philosophers both old and new.
  • Think positively
  • Trust that it can get better.
  • Think big. What is your dream? How can you achieve it?
  • Create a vision board. Jupiter is future orientated.
  • Embrace a sense of adventure.
  • Go on an adventure!
  • Call on your joy. What makes you feel joyful?
  • Have faith
  • Make a leap of faith!
  • Explore your religious or spiritual path.

When will your Jupiter Return be?

Look to the position of Jupiter in your natal chart. You can cast your chart for free at astro.com. Below are the dates for Jupiter’s ingress into the signs from now until the next Jupiter in Leo…Don’t despair if yours is a while away! Check for when Jupiter is transiting your Sun or conjunct your Ascendant for an injection of Jupiter joy.

Jupiter in Leo
16th July 2014– 11th August 2015

Jupiter in Virgo
11th August 2015– 9th September 2016

Jupiter in Libra
9th September 2016– 10th October 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio
10th October 2017– 8th November 2018

Jupiter in Sagittarius
8th November 2018– 2nd December 2019

Jupiter in Capricorn
2nd December 2019– 19th December 2020

Jupiter in Aquarius
19th December 2020– 13th May 2021
28th July – 29th December 2021

Jupiter in Pisces
13th May 2021– 28th July 2021
29th December 2021– 10th May 2022
28th October 2022– 20th December 2022

Jupiter in Aries
10th May 2022– 28th October 2022
20th December 2022– 16th May 2023

Jupiter in Taurus
16th May 2023– 25th May 2024

Jupiter in Gemini
25th May 2024– 9th June 2025

Jupiter in Cancer
9th June 2025– 30th June 2026

Tips for the budding astrologer

  • What sign is Jupiter in natally? This will show the way Jupiter expresses itself.
  • What house is Jupiter in natally? This will show which area of life will need continual periods of improvement, growth and developing faith. It is also the area where you need to expand beyond what you know.
  • Check the aspects Jupiter makes to other planets and angles. Don’t judge squares and oppositions too harshly. These aspects can make you work to get the rewards of Jupiter. It doesn’t mean you can’t have any Jupiter fun – yes even if its conjunct Saturn!
  • Look to see whether Jupiter is part of any bigger aspect patterns in the natal chart. Large aspect patterns tell a major story in the native’s life so a Jupiter return will trigger the whole pattern.
  • Check the Sabian symbol of natal Jupiter for further clues to meaning.
  • Check to see if there are any current progressions involving Jupiter. Has progressed Jupiter stationed direct or retrograde since birth? Is it aspecting a planet or angle now that it wasn’t at birth?
  • Check out the Jupiter Return Chart for an overall flavour of the return period.